Vetting online - For anyone that has not completed step 1 vetting please do so ASAPthat

November 7, 2018

Vetting compulsory for coaches working with players under 18 yrs of age.

Thanks to all for attending the vetting evening in Bullaun NS.

For all that have not completed step 1 of the process please do so ASAP

– see for assistance.

GAA Vetting

Vetting Link

Vetting online is a quick process.

You apply online to the GAA, and the NVB performs the vetting. The NVB will provide you with an online vetting process to complete. Once completed and vetted, you will receive a vetting letter by email, and you should forward the letter to club.

First item: Complete the Application on-line Then wait for instruction in email from the NVB.
 To complete the form, you need your GAA ID and two proofs of identification as per list below.
Contact us for your GAA ID if not known.

To complete the first form you need to have two proofs

Proof #1 – Photo ID
 > New Irish driving licence (new credit card format, not the older paper one)
 > Irish Public Services Card
 > Passport 
Proof #2 – Address on Utility Bill
 > Utility bill e.g. gas, electricity, television, broadband Note: the bill must be older than 6 months.
 Online bills are acceptable – download the utility bill and send it in your application.