Website criticisms

November 8, 2018

Chairman’s response
Some fair criticisms on the Gael Forum about the website management and some not so fair but it is your forum and your comments are welcome – but no personal abuse please.

I will try and deal with some of the issues. fixtures and results have not all been added and the honest answer to this is that our fixtures secretary does not simple have enough time. I know he is am on the phone on average 5 – 10 times a day organising:
matches, Training facilities, booking buses talking to: managers of the club teams, the council, other teams, chasing tournament organisers for information, the county board, (ladies/east down/all county) referees,

In addition he types up the notices for the club window each week and print them out at home. It should also be remembered that he works from 9 – 5 and doesn’t have external email access at work so all the fixtures emails work is done in his own time. Also take into account that he lives in Belfast and travels home to train Monday and Wednesday, and for matches on Friday nights and as well as playing Seconds on Sundays.

I don’t know how he gets the time to do the heavy workload that he does for the Club.

The Club Secretary work’s similar hours and often doesn’t get home to 8.00pm when he then has to attend meetings two to three nights a week and do all the correspondence that is required of this busy club as well as spending hours on the phone organising many of the Club events.

The treasurer ditto plus keeping our books right is very arduous task, he also is involved with the senior ladies team two or three nights a week.
PRO ditto does a good job with the newspapers but often cannot get team reports from managers (and they don’t have much time on their hands either to spend writing reports )plus PRO also involved with running a club team and also manages Bryansford Ladies team.

This is just some of the time spent by our Club Officers and I can assure you that all other members of the Club Executive are busy working for the club in a whole range of areas including coaching and managing teams organising events, (nothing on Gael Forum congratulating committee for their organisation of the Club 125 day !!), grass cutting marking and maintenance of pitches and clubrooms.

Having said all of this we as a committee do have a responsibility to maintain and update the website with the information you have requested and I will endeavour to get all of these issues addressed as quickly as possible, but if you can help out in any of these areas, such as going along to some of the games particularly underage and providing a report to the PRO or volunteering to update website with results and fixtures your help would be very much appreciated. I should also point out that inputting website information is not as straight forward as it may seem. We have only instant access to a couple of areas on the website including Latest News (which is why this page is usually up to date), the rest of the pages we must go through the Irish News server which is not under our direct control and this can sometimes cause delays.

By the way I’m typing this up at 1.00am which is probably very sad