Wedding of the year by a country mile !!!!

November 7, 2018

There’s Nothing like a local wedding, and this was certainly Nothing like a local wedding. Fiona Faherty & David Wynne tied the knot under extraordinary circumstances and are currently on Honeymoon in Belmullet. Well done to everybody who contributed to the day and made it such a Fun Fundraiser for the Ladies Football Club.

Thank you to everybody who made the day such a success, especially to Con Dooley, and the staff  at The Venue in the Forge for sponsoring the "Wedding" and for presenting such a Mega Meal for all the guests.

We will continue to follow the story of Fiona and David and will update you with any more " little" stories as they happen !!!

Tickets for the 3 Christenings are already exchanging hands for big money.

So, Well done Everybody and Thanks again.