Weekly Newsletter nb. 2 November 2010

November 7, 2018

1. Lotto News

Clap Congratulations to Graham Marshall who won the attendance prize on 12/10/2010 Lotto Draw

Remember the lotto isn’t confined to the club members, anyone can play for a min entry of €20 will get them 10 weeks in the draw if they pick one line.

2. General Manager Appointment

Clap Great News Caroline Duggan joins us on the 6th of December.

4. Database

Cry We are unable to communicate with some of our members due to missing or incorrect data. We will put forms in the bar for you fill out eg Name, Address, email, mobile, home, which is your preferred means of communication, (text, email or both) or alternatively you can email your contact details to

5. Twitter

Check out our twitter account and facebook account on our website, encourage your friends to join.