Weekly Newsletter nb.21 September 2011

November 7, 2018

1. Lotto
 No Winners of the match 3 or match 4 winners last night.

Lotto prize next week is €2,799

Promotional Messagebelow:


‘10% Lotto Discount – Continue Supporting your Club

To celebrate the Club Lotto being up and running for over a year we have decided to give members a 10% discount

The discount applies to ALL entries from 9th October – 11th November and is in addition to the free draws already in place for those spending morethan €20.

You can enter by using the forms available at the bar or by following the links at

Please contact if you have any queries.’

Promo Codes

‘Gold’ – €100 spend – €10 discount

‘Silver’  – €50 spend – €5 discount

‘Bronze’ – €20 spend – €2 discount

2. Cricket Annual dinner was held in the Main Hall last night. An outstanding effort was made by John Hoey to get over 135 people to the dinner. The food, speeches and singer in the main bar after the meal went down a treat.

Also a special mention to Ken Brennan and Colm Morgan in assisting in the organisation.

3. Main Hall

Some other good news an small investment in some new chairs was also made to replace the old balck ones with a stringer stackable chair. Please note your dinner will be dearer if you are lucky enough to be be sitting on one.

The final part of the refurbishment starts next weekend with the floors getting a long overdue makeover. This will make the hall more maketable.