Your Club Needs YOU

November 8, 2018



Do you have an opinion on the present state of Edenderry GAA?
Do you have an opinion on where the Club needs to go in the future?
Do you feel your ideas should be heard?
Edenderry GAA Developing a Plan for our Future

This Workshop is a gathering that brings together members from our club. You have been invited to share your personal stories of Edenderry GAA Club. We want to know what the Club means to you, to your family and your community.

You have ideas about how the Club can develop in the future; we would like you to share these ideas with the people you meet today. All our thoughts, ideas and the lessons we have learned from our great success from the past are part of putting together a plan to continue to build a dynamic Club for the future, for you, your fellow members and future members.

Your Voice counts, that is why the Executive Committee are inviting you to attend this workshop. Your ideas count, so please express them, the detail of what the Club can be in the future is important, so make sure that we do everything we can to bring the best out of this wonderful opportunity.


1. To bring together the broadest representation of members from around the club to share their stories, ideas and ambitions for the Club.

2. To discover what we believe to be the best practices, strengths and resources of the Club – we want to understand the positive core on which Edenderry GAA Club has been built.

3. To collectively imagine and envision the best possible future of Edenderry GAA

This is your opportunity to influence the future direction of the Club. The Executive Committee of the Club has decided to initiate a planning process that will guide the Club for the next 5 years, commencing in 2010. The plan will focus mainly but not exclusively on issues such as:

– Coaching and Development of Players;
– Facilities Development;
– Finance and Fundraising;
– Communication & Image;
– Participation & Respect;
– Club Structures and Volunteerism.

It is very important that all persons that wish to contribute to the future direction of the Club be in attendance on the 28th of October. The workshop is a proven method for allowing everyone’s opinion to be heard. The workshop will be 2 hours long max. It will be run and facilitated by independent experts that know how to maximise the ideas generated on the night.
Your opinions on what the club should be doing, the way we handle Club affairs etc. will not reach us from the bar stool or the sideline of the pitch…… MUST make the effort to attend and get involved for 2 hrs.

Edenderry GAA Planning for the Future Workshop – Survey

Please fill in the brief survey by clicking on the following link: