Zumba Fitness & Fun!

November 7, 2018

NEW fitness dance class – Zumba Fitness brought to you by DanceFit

“Ditch the Workout… Join the Party!”


Ratoath Community Centre, Thursday nights, starts 29th April, 7:30pm for introductory 6wk course. €60 or €15 per class.


What is Zumba®? 

It’s the perfect combination of Latin dance, fitness and fun!  The word ‘ZUMBA’ is derived from a Colombian word meaning ‘fast moving’.  It’s also a fusion of the Latin word ‘rumba’ meaning ‘party’.  In other words Zumba® means ‘to move fast and have fun!”  When you attend a Zumba® class, you’re joining a party like atmosphere that is so much fun you’ll forget you’re working out!  Spice up your body and your entire exercise routine by combining the hot moves of Latin dance with cardiovascular exercise.  In this 1-hour class you’ll burn fat and firm your entire body, by utilizing moves that incorporate both interval training and resistance training.   Zumba® combines low-impact, high energy dances movements, with intervals of fast and slow rhythms.  Depending upon your level of intensity, you’ll burn between 300-1000 calories per class!  The dances are repetitive and very easy to follow, so everyone can do them.  Just remember to keep moving and most importantly to have fun!  This is an exercise program that you’ll stick with, because of its immediate and long lasting results for both your mind and body.  Join us for the fitness movement that is taking the world by storm